Chickasaw Astronaut Shares Passion for Space in New Children’s Book

Blast off into space by reading Chickasaw astronaut Commander John Herrington’s new children’s book “Mission to Space.” “It started with a rocket and a young boy. Like lots of children, I dreamed of being an astronaut someday. That dream came true. Flying in space takes a lot of training. It takes a lot of hard […]

The Police Killings No One is Talking About

Native Americans are being killed by police at a higher rate than any other group in the country–but these deaths are rarely covered in the media. Now, Native groups are organizing for justice in a growing Native Lives Matter movement.  SUQUAMISH TRIBE DESCENDANT JEANETTA RILEY, A 34-YEAR-OLD MOTHER OF FOUR, LAY FACEDOWN ON A SANDPOINT, IDAHO, STREET. One minute earlier, three police officers had […]