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Through the use of various media platforms we aim to educate and present the unique beauty of indigenous cultures. We are working to replace cultural appropriation with cultural appreciation by ultimately reshaping the indigenous media landscape.
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Native Max is a digital media company devoted to inspiring, entertaining and celebrating through positive storytelling. Through our platforms and content, we want to bring our readers positive and inspiring side of Indian Country.
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Magazine: Native Max Magazine is a bi-monthly publication which features the culture and lifestyle of the Native American and First Nations people of Indian Country. Native Max Magazine combines style and substance with a fresh perspective on style, business, technology, social matters, travel, food, entertainment, health, art and culture.
Website: Native Max Online is an extension of the magazine, in which we feature more content, stories and topics otherwise not included in our magazines.
Digital: With the digital versions of Native Max Magazine, we offer interactive features and an extensive range of ad placements where our audience can see a message front and center. Our digital issues are published with high quality for crisp and clean display for any mobile device.
TV: With Native Max TV Network, we develop and distribute premium digital video, television and film creations, focused on featuring Native American and First Nations talents and stories. Basically if you took Native Max Magazine and turned it into a tv show.
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It all started with just a magazine.
Native Max Magazine launched in 2012 as a print magazine, the country’s first publication that featured Native fashion. Native Max Magazine quickly became a national sensation.
Today, it has evolved into an award-winning multimedia brand with a constellation of platforms spanning across print, digital, signature events, strategic partnerships, unique product extensions, engaging content, and more.
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kelly_holmesEver since I could remember, I’ve always been a creative kid. I found myself baking one weekend, painting and drawing the next, beading and sewing the week after, decorating and redecorating my room… I was always doing something. Thinking back, I also remember setting up my little play cash register by the kitchen door and “charging” my parents play money for food. When I was 11, I wanted to open up a candle and soap business. At 12, I made beaded jewelry and would sell them to this vendor who always set up for Christmas at the mall. That same year I handdrawn horses on blank stationary and would sell my “homemade” stationary to classmates. I always had this innate interest for entrepreneurism and creating.
As I got older (starting at around 13 years of age), I started working odd jobs (cashier at the dollar store, housekeeping at a hotel, icecream-maker at an icecream shop, just to name a few) to make my own money. At a very young age I learned the importance of working hard for what I want, and I’m very humbled to have discovered this lesson sooner in my life than later.
In 2007 when I was only 16 years old, my family relocated to the suburbs outside of Denver, Colorado. To say it was a rude awakening would be a bit of an understatement. I went through culture shock. I faced racism and some descrimination, even bullying. I was all alone in a big highschool. However, I worked through my anger and decided to make the most out of my new life.
img_0054-croppedThe best thing that happened to me was modeling. Modeling was what helped me discover and embrace my self-confidence. I also discovered this amazing and brand new world of Native Fashion. It was a community of Native American fashion designers, artists, models and photographers. I was intrigued! I knew right after my very first show I wanted to be a part of it, whatever it was. Then I faced rejection. Rejection from my own people. I was either a nobody or wasn’t related to someone. I also faced rejection from Denver photographers and designers, citing my “unique features” or “exotic look” as something that wasn’t “in”. You can bet by this time I definitely felt alone.
But because I’m stubborn and refuse to give up, I decided to create my own platform, something that’ll give everyone an equal chance, no matter how famous or influential you are. I’d like to note that I’ve always collected magazines, and collages with cutouts of my favorite outfits, makeup look, hairstyle, etc. dotted my room as a teenager. As I gazed around while brainstorming, it was obvious why a magazine popped into my head. I thought maybe, if there was a magazine that featured Native American photographers, with models wearing designs made by Native American fashion designers, sharing inspirational and positive stories about anyone, how cool would that be.
In 2011 at the age of 20, I developed my business plan for Native Max. In 2012 I officially launched Native Max as a business, despite being told what I was doing was a bad idea by strangers. In the summer of 2012 we released the very first issue of Native Max, the Preview Issue, for free. In the fall we published and printed the Premiere Issue with Umatilla model Mariah Watchman on the cover.
Now 5 years later, Native Max has developed into a multimedia brand focused on promoting Native talents and stories across a wide range of platforms while fighting stereotypes and changing the way Native people are portrayed in mainstream media.
I certainly enjoy sharing my story, the struggles of creating Native Max, my experiences in the fashion and publishing community and all the obstacles I had to overcome to achieve my dreams, the future of Native Max and the problems I’m trying to resolve with Native Max with anybody. As a Native youth once, I know the importance of being a mentor or a positive role model to a rez kid.
Please enjoy reading our content and checking out our website!
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We listen to what our clients want. We understand how big of an impact they want to make. We also know there’s no “one size fits all”. Which is why we offer the best options to engage your brand and message with our audience at any budget. Really. We’re continuously finding new ways to connect with our readers, fans and partners.
Want to partner with us? Check out our corporate site or fill out the form!
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A note on our ethics policy: the writers here at Native Max will always credit products or bloggers whose ideas we post. Any lack of credit is completely unintentional and will be corrected upon notice immediately. Additionally, Native Max has partnerships with media outlets, some of which may at times be featured on the site with full disclosure. The team at Native Max will also always disclose when and if a company has paid for or offered free products in return for promotion on the site. Opinions and viewpoints made by Native Max writers and contributors do not reflect that of Native Max or founder Kelly Holmes.