Inside the Issue - June/July 2020

LGBTQ2S+ Issue

For this issue, we wanted to honor and recognize the Indigenous Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ community, all of whom this issue is dedicated to. The Indigenous LGBTQ2S+ community is full of talented and brilliant activists, artists, changemakers, creators, educators, and performers, all who strive to not only represent the queer and Indigenous circles concurrently but who are on a mission to bring on change for their people.

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The Edge

Orlando Dugi: Threading the past into the future one bead at a time

Inspired by and handcrafted from traditions rooted in his Diné heritage, Orlando Dugi meticulously threads the past into the future one bead at a time, designing timeless yet modern pieces.

Fierce & Femme

Handmade with love and care by Indigenous two-spirit femme jewelry designer Autumn White Eyes, these unique jewelry pieces feature activist idols and empowering messages.

Contemporary Creations of Culture

Blending contemporary with traditional, Katrina Brown Akootchook’s beadwork and designs she creates are just as creative and cultural as the methods she uses to make them and are also rooted in activism.

Embracing the Flux 

Navigating the fashion world as a Navajo Two-Spirit

Bringing LGBTQ2S+, Native Representation to Fashion Photography

While attending Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, two-spirit Diné photographer Sean Parrish grew an interest in photography while working for the college’s newspaper. Now, two years later, Paye’s pursuing fashion photography in hopes of bringing Native and LGBTQ2S+ representation and visibility to the fashion community.

The Insider

Inspiring, Inclusive & Indigenous: Nate Lemuel & Lady Shug 

Recently, Diné drag queens Nate Lemuel and Lady Shug were allowed to share their queer Indigenous perspectives and voices on a large platform–HBO’s series We’re Here.

Charlie Amáyá Scott

Charlie Amáyá Scott–who goes by Amáyá–is a Diné non-binary femme person who’s certainly had extensive experience of navigating the world of academia as a Queer, Trans, and Indigenous student.

Two Spirited Leaders in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Joel Pederson talks with Warren Isbister-Bear and Osemis, First Nations Two-Spirited community leaders who work to ensure a better quality of life for urban First Nations people and families in Saskatoon.

From the Frontlines of the Pandemic to the Frontlines of the Black Liberation Movement: Regan de Loggans

Brooklyn-based indigenous queer activist and community organizer Regan de Loggans has been working non-stop since the beginning of 2020, from the frontlines of COVID-19 to the frontlines of the Black liberation movement where they work in solidarity to support Black liberation and police abolition.

Keioshiah Peter (They/Them)

We chat with Diné sex educator and aerialist Keioshiah Peter.

Landa Lakes

There was absolutely no way we could have the LGBTQ2S+ issue without featuring Landa Lakes. We chat with the well-known drag queen about her journey from first starting drag in the ’80s to being an integral part of the LGBTQ2S+ community of San Francisco and Indian Country.

On Radar

Shawnee Dropped Newest Track for Pride Month

Mohawk two-spirit singer Shawnee just dropped a brand new single & we’re completely obsessed

5 Books Written by Two-Spirit/Indigiqueer Authors

The month of June is both Pride and Indigenous History Month (Canada), and this is a reminder to take the time (tomorrow and every day after) to learn from and listen to two-spirit and queer Indigenous voices. Here are 5 books, poems, and stories selected by Lea of Gwaandak Theatre you can read today by two-spirit and queer Indigenous authors. 

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