Inside the Issue - July / August 2019

Indigenous Futurisms Issue

Welcome to the Indigenous Futurisms issue, featuring three models wearing ACONAV on the cover. We explore the future of indigenous fashion with ACONAV designer Loren Aragon. Also included in this issue is coffee shop owner and indigenous boss babe Sonia Rosas. We also share a list of standout indigenous-owned marketplaces where you can shop indigenous-made goods.

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The Forthcoming Futurism of Indigenous Fashion

Indigenous fashion is evolving and expanding. But we always find ourselves admiring the history of it by drawing connections between a fashion designer’s culture and how their tribe’s traditional art methods influence their designs. Seldom do we explore what the future of indigenous fashion will become. Once I heard Indigenous Pop X Denver was hosting Indigenous Futurisms Fashion Show sponsored by ACONAV at their event, I contacted my good friend Loren Aragon to ask why it’s essential to consider the future of indigenous fashion and what his take is on it.

The Edge

Summer in the Big City

It’s a hot summer out there as ACONAV takes cues from the warm, breezy days with flowy dresses that almost serve as air-conditioners during the summer season as they don’t stick or cling

Love Adorned: Lori Tapahonso 

Although artist and jewelry designer Lori Tapahonso has been making jewelry for only seven years, the quality and craftsmanship of her pieces led us to believe she’s been designing for decades

The Insider

Interview with Federal Coffee Owner & Indigenous Boss Babe Sonia Rosas

Interview with Federal Coffee Co-owner and Indigenous Boss Babe Sonia Rosas

Indigenous Marketplaces You Can Shop

-Indigenous Marketplace San Diego

-Buffalo Star Naturals in Taos, NM

Nothing beats an amazing marketplace in the summertime. Indian Country is home to many marketplaces, but two standout places to shop are Bison Star Naturals Outdoor Marketplace and Indigenous Marketplace San Diego

Making a Statement with Style

The artwork of Diné graphic designers and entrepreneurs Jacintha “Jay” Stanley and Crystal Dugi are not only eye-catching and vibrant; they’re also visionary

She-Who-Goes-To-War: Janelle Cronin

Janelle Cronin is one courageous woman who is speaking out through education and activism through the arts while doing it all with grace

Of Backbone & Beadwork: An Interview with Masterbeader Brodie Sanchez

Now a master beader, Brodie Sanchez came from humble beginnings

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