“You’ll Miss the Hustle & Bustle”

Every year some families dread the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. Many don’t like the idea of school shopping, paying fees, and returning to the routine of homework, activities, concerts, games, etc. *Cue colossal sigh* All can be emotionally, physically and financially overwhelming. As parents dread this time of year, […]

Stong Mother Raising Strong Warriors

The impact working mothers have on their children is phenomenal. Not only do they radiate empowerment and resiliency, but their confidence and independence rub off on their children who watch their every move. These working mamas are also raising strong warriors by instilling their rich indigenous culture into their children.   Norma Baker-Flying Horse Hidatsa/Dakota/Assiniboine […]

Funny Mama Adrianne Chalepah

At the helm of Indian Country’s first-ever Native American female comedy group Ladies of Native Comedy along with being a member of star-packed 49 Laughs Comedy, Adrianne Chalepah is the definition of a working mom. We admire the hard work and dedication she puts into raising her sons into kind men and pursuing her comedy […]