5 Books Written by Two-Spirit/Indigiqueer Authors

Herre’s your reminder to take the time (tomorrow and every day after) to learn from and listen to two-spirit and queer Indigenous voices. Here are 5 books, poems, and stories selected by Lea of Gwaandak Theatre you can read today by two-spirit and queer Indigenous authors.  1. Disintegrate/Dissociate by Arielle Twist In her powerful debut […]

Fierce & Femme: Autumn White Eyes

Anishinaabe and Oglala Lakota jewelry maker Autumn White Eyes, a spoken word artist and multimedia storyteller, launched her online shop to create jewelry for people to feel empowered by their activism while expressing their style with bold and beautiful earrings and accessories.  Please introduce yourself.  My name is Autumn White Eyes and I’m from the […]