Although we had our official start in January 2012, our Fall 2013 edition is our anniversary issue. It’s been a full year since we released our physical issue, the Premiere Issue, with Mariah Watchman on the cover. The Premiere Issue started it all for us and has given us a great opportunity and we’re glad you’ve come along for the ride. Since our start, we’ve had fun changing the rules and making headlines. While other magazines whose focuses are to feature Native talent and fashion are popping up left and right, Native Max is already celebrating it’s first birthday (at least from the release of our first ever printed issue). Before Native Max Magazine printed it’s first copies to send to customers, there hasn’t been a publication that focused solely on Native fashion designers, trends on Native fashion brands nor Native models. Native Max veered off the main road and created a new path for others to follow- to feature Native talent. We had a fantastic first year, setting the trend of standing out and starting a revolution.

To help celebrate our first anniversary, we decided to load up the Fall Issue, starting with our celebration of the first year. In addition to our jam-packed fashion sections and Native designers’ coverage, we gave our layout a whole new facelift, giving you an easier to read and understand experience.

This upcoming year, we plan to visit more towns, cities and reservations and hold more events, contests, giveaways and castings. We want to communicate and get closer to our readers, audience and fans. We’re also releasing two supplement issues in between Native Max Magazine releases, Native Max Drumbeat, which will focus more on entertainment and HAYAPI: NATIVE FASHION HUB, our magazine hub all about fashion, designers, models and photographers.

This past year was a roller coaster for us, and the whole Native Max team has become more than co-workers and colleagues; we now see each other as family. We grew closer and now we are stronger than ever. Every day we come up with more ideas and ways to make Native Max bigger and better, and can barely wait for what’s in store for us this year.

This editor’s letter originally appeared in the Fall 2013 issue of Native Max Magazine.