HERE AT NATIVE MAX, we’re beyond excited to bring you the first ever, Native Gentlemen’s issue.

The Gentlemen’s Issue focuses solely on Native men, from style and grooming to stories of life and inspiration. We covered Native men who are innovators of art and entertainment and the leading trailblazers of men’s fashion. However, what we’re most passionate about of this issue is what we learned from Native men who are leaders in their communities. Being a gentleman in Indian Country and beyond is more than just sporting your most dapper wear or acting the coolest- it’s how you introduce and present yourself to a crowded room. It’s how you give back to your family, friends, and community. To genuinely exhibit qualities such as respect, humility, dignity, kindness, and good-character to others is what it takes to be a gentleman.

What the Native Max team and I have learned from this issue is that all around Indian Country, we have men stepping up and raising the bar on the expectations that we and mainstream society has for Native men. They are proving that Native men are more than the stereotypes of the drunken Indian, the deadbeat fathers, and criminals. These men are successful and they are leaders. They are exactly the kind of gentlemen we need inspiring our future generations.