A new year is upon us and we are excited about discovering what lies ahead. Over the last year, we have learned that you can plan, predict and wonder about what lies ahead, but every day will present you with new and unexpected challenges and opportunities. Get comfortable with the idea of not knowing, be resolved to jump into the unknown and just move forward. As we have learned, the best ideas, opportunities and adventures unfold when you are willing to just let go and see where the moment takes you.

We in the Native Max family have a lot to be excited about as we start the new year. Our Native Max team is expanding as we add more members every month. Along with the addition of members, we are also branching out internationally, since we just opened our regional office in Canada. We’re securing various ways you can have Native Max everywhere you go, starting with mobile apps. Another exciting venture we are taking on in the beginning of the new year is an online clothing and accessories boutique and a personalized Native Max apparel collection.

Perhaps most of all we are looking forward to the many Native Max events that will bring us together in 2014. Along with hosting events with our readers and fans across Native communities, we’re also collaborating on special occasions with leading professionals of Indian Country. Coming up in March is Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce Business Expo’s Runway Show, in partnership with yours truly.

We also would like you to know, every day we are working to make our company stronger. All of us here at Native Max work hard to bring you inspirational stories, as well as content that you won’t find anywhere. We are still building our foundation, and determined to make 2014 our best year ever. At Native Max we will continue the work of getting that word out in every way we can. Thank you for being part of this effort.

Our winter issue may be a little late, but we definitely believe it was worth the wait. It is a celebration of the those that have dared to step into the unknown to discover and explore their full potential in all areas of fashion, art, music, entertainment, education, business and activism. We are very honored to have Kiowa Gordon and Andrew Orozco grace the cover of this issue. Both men are extremely talented and down to earth individuals despite their growing success. They are living proof that dreams can and will come true if you work hard and refuse to give up. We are, also, very pleased to be able to share with you the talents and accomplishments of all the individuals and businesses featured within this issue.

With every story here, we hope that it inspires you to cross into the new year with a refreshed sense of determination, discipline, awareness, discovery and hope.

Enjoy the issue.

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