These are the stories making headlines in pop culture and causing chaos on social media this week.

Comedian Ralphie May’s ‘F**k a bunch of Indians’ joke sends social media up in an uproar

Earlier this week, an audio clip of stand-up comedian Ralphie May’s joke was posted on Youtube, in which the comedian was met with comments accusing him of being racist.

The clip was posted by Kiowa/Apache comedian Adrianne Chalepah Tuesday evening.

“F–k a bunch of Indians. I am sick of hearing about it. Are we supposed to boo hoo over goddamn Indians that sh-t that was 120 years ago? F–kin’ get over it. Nobody 150 years ago was making you drink now. Dry up’ you buncha alcoholics and go get a real f–kin’ job.”

After the video was posted, May took to Twitter to explain that his “words were stolen & used illegally.” “No context. The threats to me are far more offensive & illegal. I never said I wanted to hurt anyone.” he tweeted.

May continued to explain the clip was only 44 seconds of a 12-minute joke. “The whole crux of the joke was the buildup to a ridiculous reason to hate because all hate is stupid – a resounding theme in all my comedy. My jokes take a long time to get from beginning to end. I don’t tell one-liners. You hear a 44 sec. clip & miss everything before & after it”.

One day after the controversy, May posted a video on his Youtube page titled ‘Ralphie May: Racially Charged, Not Racist” apologizing to those he offended. “I want to apologize to the American-Indian community who were offended by the video that was posted on YouTube. My comedy was illegally used, edited, and taken out of context from a show that was possibly over 12 years ago. I’m not a hateful person and this was not right for someone to do. They used my voice to inflict pain on innocent people who don’t deserve it. I am a racially charged, but not a racist comedian.”

Even after May apologized, Chalepah continued to receive backlash on Twitter, mainly attacking her career. May jumped to her defense and tweeted “ will never be a target of mine nor should she be of anyone else. Instead of adding stress and placing blame, support her.”

The video Chalepah originally posted is no longer viewable due to copyright claims.

Reality star Khloé Kardashian wears braids in photo, captions ‘Native’

Again earlier this week, Khloé Kardashian posted a series of photos on Instagram in what looks like a family outing. However, one photo stood out and stirred both positive and negative reactions on Instagram and Facebook.

The photo featured the reality star sporting tight braids on an airplane, with the caption ‘Native’.




Sports reporter Bomani Jones sets the internet on fire with his parody t-shirt

bomani_mike and mike_040716 on Vimeo

Sports reporter Bomani Jones filled in for Mike Golic on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning show” wearing a t-shirt that said “Caucasians” on it, which features a cartoon of a Caucasian man with blonde hair and a money symbol (which is sold by Shelf Life Clothing).

According to TMZ, ESPN supposedly “freaked out” over the shirt and asked Jones to cover up his shirt. Halfway through the show Jones slightly compromised and zipped up his hoodie, but left some of the logo showing.

Many Twitter users shared how offensive the t-shirt was, yet many others supported Jones’ choice in clothing that day and wanted to know where he got the shirt from.

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