Indigenize Your Presents With Ledger Art Wrapping Paper by Native Artist Steven Paul Judd




Now you can “indigenize” your presents!

Artist Steven Paul Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw), alongside other Oklahoma artists, created an exclusive wrapping paper design this holiday season.

Judd’s wrapping paper design features vibrant ledger art with various holiday illustrations such as holly, teepees decorated with Christmas lights and a buffalo with Rudolph’s red nose. The artist’s wrapping paper comes in a package which includes five sheets of wrapping paper designed by artists in Oklahoma and printed locally on paper made in the United States. Each sheet is 24″ x 36″, folded into quarters and packaged.

Package that includes Steven Paul Judd's ledger art wrapping paper. Photo:
Package that includes Steven Paul Judd’s ledger art wrapping paper. Photo:

The artists featured in this package besides Judd are Lauren Miller, Natalie Kent, Peggy White, and Tiffany McKnight.

The wrapping paper is available around Oklahoma City at various locations as well as online here. According to the website, online orders are a little pricier than local sales due to added costs for processing, packaging, and handling.

The sales of the wrapping paper provide dignified employment to people experiencing homelessness in Oklahoma City this holiday season.