Kymon Greyhorse Models for IKEA “Life At Home” Showcase

Diné filmmaker Kymon Greyhorse speaks about their experience in a Native home with IKEA.
Kymon Greyhorse, photo; Annie Liebovitz



Two-Spirit filmmaker Kymon Greyhorse (Diné, Tongan) is one of the 24 participants of IKEA’s “Life At Home” showcase, photographed by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. The showcase seeks to document and provide a platform for households around the world to tell their stories and explain what home means to them.

Kymon Greyhorse & Crew, photo; courtesy

Greyhorse, an alumni of the Sundance Native Filmmakers Lab, is best known for their short films “Can I Love You” and “I AM HOME”, both of which have been featured and shown at a number of film festivals. In this project, Greyhorse is bringing awareness to and sharing their experiences of growing up in an Indigenous household, and how they foster one today.

In the showcase, Greyhorse said: “Physically and materialistically, my home is simple, but there’s little motifs here and there that tell stories. It’s a picture of my grandma on the wall, or a pair of moccasins that my mom made drying on a rack in the kitchen…Home for me really centers around family. As long as you’re surrounded by those who love you and nurture you in a safe space, I think that that is the core.”

You can learn more about the showcase and Greyhorse’s involvement here.

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