Premiere: Flutist Darren Thompson Releases Exclusive Track From New Album



Bringing over a decade of research and performing experience, Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe/Tohono O’odham Darren Thompson highlights the abilities of historical instruments from the Pueblo, Hopi, Tohono O’odham, Lakota, Kiowa, and Ojibwe peoples through both traditional melodies and improvisational expressions in ‘Bibigwan: The Flute’. Demonstrating the haunting voices of flutes that date back hundreds of years, ‘Bibigwan’ resounds a rich musical history of a nearly lost instrument that takes the imagination to a timeless place while honoring a people that have thrived in North America since time immemorial. Featuring arrangements with guitar, violin, and flute with talent from Indian Country, ‘Bibigwan’ aims to calm, heal, and inspire the listener – as it has for generations.

‘Bibigwan’ is to be released later this month by Drumhop Productions.

Here’s the first glimpse of ‘Bibigwan’, an exclusive track granted only to Native Max:

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