All Eyes On: Mixed Blood Club

Mixed Blood Club finds the delicate balance between honoring ancestral traditions and creating modern and relevant limited edition pieces. From creating jewelry to vintage beaded denim, Mixed Blood Club provides collectors with the opportunity not only invest in pieces for their wardrobes but also to invest in the preservation, revitalization, and evolution of Métis beadwork. 

Photo courtesy of Mixed Blood Club
Photo courtesy of Mixed Blood Club

Mixed Blood Club’s beadwork artist Julia Caron Vander Meer is a descendant of the Red River Métis. Her ancestors fought in the Northwest Resistance; she grew up with stories of resistance and resilience. She spent her undergrad at Emily Carr University and the following decade developing a distinct contemporary Métis aesthetic that eventually led to the creation of Mixed Blood Club. She is an artist, mother, and wife.

Photo courtesy of Mixed Blood Club

Shop Mixed Blood Club here.


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