Auntie Deb Haaland Wears a Ribbon Skirt Made by Native Youth to Presidential Inauguration

It looks like Auntie Deb wore a ribbon skirt to the Presidential Inauguration! Congresswoman Deb Haaland (NM-01) caught the eyes of Indian Country with her yellow ribbon skirt and traditional moccasins. However, what makes us proud is who made and gifted her the ribbon skirt: Chahta youth and young fashion designer in the making Isabella “Bella” Aiukli […]

Native American Designers & Artists Included in this Month’s ‘Vogue’ Issue

Aside from featuring the first-ever female vice president-elect Kamala Harris on the cover, February’s issue of Vogue is considered monumental. Included in the issue are well-known Native American artists and designers from throughout the country, such as Apsáalooke beadwork artist Elias Jade Not Afraid, Kiowa jewelry designer Keri Ataumbi, Luiseño and Shoshone-Bannock artist and beadwork artist […]

Fashion for a Cause: Ahlazua Fine Arts

Now more than ever, small businesses are struggling through the COVID-19 Pandemic. In this series, we feature standout Indigenous women-owned fashion businesses that are not only thriving and surviving during the Pandemic, but they’re continuing to contribute to the community through the chaos. These Indigenous female business owners share with us about their companies, how […]

Keioshiah Peter on Stigma Around Sexuality & Self-Love

Keioshiah Peter is a Diné non-binary queer femme and a sex educator and aerialist. They work with Rez Condom Tour to try and reverse the stigma around sexuality on the Navajo Nation by promoting healthy sexual expressions for Navajo youth, raise awareness about the need for sexual education and increase access to contraceptives for Navajo […]

A Word with OG Indigenous Drag Queen Landa Lakes

Only a few people I have met can boast a humble yet inspiring personality as Miko Thomas, also known as Landa Lakes. Originally from Oklahoma but based in San Francisco, Landa’s career spans decades and platforms, although her name is mostly linked to the two-spirit drag community.  Between participating in both American Indian and Gay […]

Katrina Brown Akootchook: Contemporary Creations of Culture

Blending contemporary with traditional, Katrina Brown Akootchook’s beadwork and designs she creates for her online shop are just as creative and cultural as the methods she uses to make them. What makes Katrina’s design stands out from the rest is their freshness; she works almost entirely in analog mediums. Her shirts, denim jackets, totes, and […]

Mohawk Two-Spirit Singer Shawnee Talks About her Latest Summer Hit, and more

With her music, First Nations two-spirit pop singer Shawnee (Mohawk from Six Nations of the Grand River) advocates for LGBTQ2S+ issues as well as the youth. Known throughout Canada as a rebellious, passionate, powerhouse female and award-winning vocalist, Shawnee surely created a buzz when she dropped a brand new track from her upcoming album. Shawnee’s […]

A Conversation with Non-Binary Indigenous Femme & Influencer Charlie Amáyá Scott

Although the U.S. is slowly moving towards equality for all, there’s still much work to do, mainly for higher education. In the realm of higher education, there are many challenges that black, brown, and LGBTQ2S+ students still face today. And no one understands these challenges better than Charlie Amáyá Scott, who’s on a mission to […]