Summer Style Highlight ‘23

model wearing Periwinkle T-Dress (PRE-ORDER) VENDOR MASKAWITEHEW

Celebrate the sun with a new Summer wardrobe. Check out the latest Summer Native fashion drops of the season. Find out what inspired this seasons’ style vibes.

Native Fashion in AI

"Waiting on the Bright Future" Native fashion shoot created with Midjourney the AI artbot

AI is taking the web by storm. Where does Native fashion, history and identity meet in the crossroads of technological capability? The need to protect the validity in historical imagery of Native peoples and thus the political identities attached to federal recognition, proves there may be a new set of challenges on the horizon.

Teaching Language to Children

Keep an eye out for Hoyeya star Tȟuŋwíŋ Camille (Dakota) as she expands Lakota and Dakota early language learning and usage through everyday mediums and technology.

Live Stream – Native Fashion In The City 2017

What started as a collaborative partnership between Native Max Magazine and Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce in 2013 stemmed into an annual interactive fashion and cultural showcase. Native Fashion in the City is an annual event set in Denver, CO where Native American fashion designers, stylists, models and photographers are showcased in one interactive […]