Quannah Chasinghorse featured on the cover of Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty Issue

Rising model and leader for environmental justice continues to land more cover stories bridging across fashion media platforms.
Quannah Chasinghorse on the cover of Allure Magazine
Quannah Chasinghorse on the cover of Allure Magazine



On February 10, 2022, Quannah Chasinghorse made The A-List with her membership in a new project Allure introduced this year. She is celebrated as a driving figure in fashion, and someone who is shaping beauty through her indigenous representation. 

Chasinghorse isn’t just talk, and she’s certainly not one to be underestimated. Her track record speaks for itself. Modeling, activism, and environmental justice are not roles many feel fit to take on, having even graced covers like the National Geographic. Chasinghorse has epitomized this niche role effortlessly and with great stride. 

Growing up encompassed in Hän Gwich’in and Oglala Lakota culture built a strong foundation of identity for Chasinghorse. Her growth didn’t stop there, her mother made an effort to expose her to cultures outside of their own. Gifting the world an ambitious and strong-voiced indigenous model. Chasinghorse is a true embodiment of what modeling standards look like to the indigenous community.

In October, Chasinghorse will further solidify her status in beauty for the year 2022. She landed the cover of Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty issue including a full interview. The interview goes in-depth on her growth in the industry, and her eagerness to keep learning. Native readers can’t help but feel excitement while also noticing the interview was written by Alyssa Yáx Ádi Yádi London, the first Tlingit woman to hold the Miss Alaska USA title, in 2017. Representation is on the rise, and sleeping on this model and her career could only cost you motivation and inspiration. There’s a spark in this model and the world is witnessing what can only be the beginning.

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