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All Eyes On: Mixed Blood Club

Mixed Blood Club finds the delicate balance between honoring ancestral traditions and creating modern and relevant limited edition pieces. From creating jewelry to vintage beaded

With Grace, Grace Dove

From a young child who dreamed of acting in Hollywood to performing alongside our era’s iconic actors, Grace Dove’s journey has been fulfilling thus far.

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The Weekender

Fashionmongers and fashion bloggers Kelly Bedoni (Diné) of Native Lux and Shondina Lee (Diné) of She and Turquoise show us how to relax in style

Glow this Winter with Native Nectar

Of course with the cold weather comes the harsh environment our skin has to deal with. Then came our good friend Jessica Taylor of Native

In Her Words

The most requested question I’m always asked is what inspired me to create Native Max or Native Max Magazine. I totally understand the curiosity, as

Editor’s Letter: June/July 2016

Welcome to our Anniversary issue 2016. To be honest, it’s really hard to pin down the number of years we existed; Native Max came to

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