Auntie Deb Haaland Wears a Ribbon Skirt Made by Native Youth to Presidential Inauguration

It looks like Auntie Deb wore a ribbon skirt to the Presidential Inauguration! Congresswoman Deb Haaland (NM-01) caught the eyes of Indian Country with her yellow ribbon skirt and traditional moccasins. However, what makes us proud is who made and gifted her the ribbon skirt: Chahta youth and young fashion designer in the making Isabella “Bella” Aiukli […]

Make Us Proud: Dakota Actress Isabella Lablanc

She was just like us. A young rez kid who watched tv and wouldn’t be able to connect with the characters on our favorite shows and movies because we didn’t look like them. Yet, we were raised on Native American -directed and -produced films such as Smoke Signals and Dreamkeeper. However, the little representation of […]

Strength In Numbers

Through a year of racism and tough games that proved their true character, the Black Hills Youth Football League Senior Peewee Broncos football team defied odds. It may just be a sport to others, but to the boys, these are moments that will encourage them to go down the right path. According to an article […]