Empowerment Pieces for the Summer Season

This summer season, designer Kayla Lookinghorse-Smith (Hunkpapa/Itazipco Lakota) promotes empowerment through her newest collection.

Kayla Lookinghorse-Smith (Hunkpapa/Itazipco Lakota) is the designer behind the namesake brand K.Lookinghorse. The contemporary brand honors the designer’s heritage with an aesthetic specific to her family. Her signature symbols–three horizontal lines–pay homage to the past, present, and future. Intriguing, wearable art and statement jewelry pieces are the cornerstones of the K.lookinghorse’s brand. Lookinghorse-Smith’s newest collection, titled “Empowerment Piece,” highlights the femininity and grace within cultures and matriarchal societies across Turtle Island. 

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  • Photography: Roland Cheresposy (IG: @rotographyimages)
  • MUA: Nieze Aguirre