Eugene Brave Rock’s February 2018 Cover Shoot

It’s indeed been awhile since we put together our photoshoot for the cover of an issue. Usually, we ask our cover person to submit photos that’d be great enough to grace the cover, including the photographer’s consent and credit.

Coordinating and executing a photoshoot for the cover is a tough task. Once we select our cover model, we’d have to locate a photographer who’d be interested in doing the shoot. From there we’d have to connect with assistants, stylists, designers for wardrobe and whoever else can assist with making the shoot a success. This takes time to coordinate.

For the February issue cover, while brainstorming the upcoming few issues, we looked at up-and-coming Native Americans who’d be an inspiration to our readers, yet able to help be a sort of ambassador for Native Max. Blackfoot actor and flutist Eugene Brave Rock came to mind, mainly since he wasn’t featured on an indigenous-publication cover yet. We reached out to Eugene on Twitter with the idea, and from there we coordinated his photoshoot.

We were lucky and fortunate to have San Francisco-based Lipan Apache entrepreneur and owner of Native Urban Era Joey Montoya join our team as the photographer and videographer for the shoot. Joey happily suggested and coordinated the shoot locations and times for Eugene. Eugene wore designs by Chloe Angus.

The shoot took place at various locations throughout the city, such as Mt. Davidson, Crissy Field, and Torpedo Wharf. In the photos, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge as well as the San Fran’s cityscape.

The shoot was a fantastic success, and the photos came out beautiful! See the actor’s photo shoot as well as some behind the scenes shots in this month’s cover slideshow.

Read the February Issue starring Eugene on the cover:


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