First-Ever U.S. Indigenous Fashion Week Launches in Santa Fe, New Mexico

PRESS RELEASE - The Southwestern Association for American Indian Arts (SWAIA) is proud to announce the launch of the first annual Santa Fe Indigenous Fashion Week



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The Southwestern Association for American Indian Arts (SWAIA) is proud to announce the launch of the first annual Santa Fe Indigenous Fashion Week— May 2, through May 5, 2024, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

SWAIA Indigenous Fashion Producer and Curator, Amber-Dawn Bear Robe. © Tira Howard Photography for SWAIA  

SWAIA, the 101-year-old organization responsible for the legendary Santa Fe Indian Market held each August and the new Indigenous Fashion Week, will continue the momentum created by the Indigenous Fashion Show—produced for the past decade during Indian Market week. Santa Fe Indigenous Fashion Week, produced by SWAIA Indigenous Fashion, begins with a fashion symposium and launch celebration on Thursday, May 2,2024.

Fawn modeling Jamie Okuma 2022 SWAIA runway. © Tira Howard Photography for SWAIA

After ten years of producing and curating Indigenous fashion shows and exhibitions for SWAIA and multiple international institutions, launching Native Fashion Week is a dream come true for curator and art historian, Amber-Dawn Bear Robe (Siksika Nation). “SWAIA’s Indigenous Fashion Show began in 2014 with no budget, a U-Haul to transport models to the outside runway location and a DJ with a microphone. To have the support of both SWAIA and the City of Santa Fe is immense. We plan to create the fashion hub for and to represent the diversity of Indigenous designers from the United States and Canada on a national platform.”

Orlando Dugi menswear runway 2022. © Tira Howard Photography for SWAIA 

In addition to a robust roster of fashion shows and events, SWAIA Indigenous Fashion has launched a website and an Instagram channel at @swaianativefashion.

Santa Fe Native Fashion Week by SWAIA Indigenous Fashion: Premiering the first week of May 2024, the four-day event includes fashion symposia, a soirée and runway days showcasing the talent of Indigenous designers across North America— while featuring artists who merge the boundaries between art, design and fashion. Contemporary Native American fashion is a vibrant and diverse field that reflects the creativity and innovation of Indigenous knowledge expressed through material culture.

Santa Fe Native Fashion Week provides space for Native North American designers and designer artists who have previously been overshadowed by the American fashion empire. Long-term goals include Santa Fe, NM, becoming a global destination for Indigenous Fashion.

SOURCE Southwestern Association for Indian Arts

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