Going Graphic with Native Gorilla [GALLERY]

Group pic

For the Mother’s Issue, we wanted to do a sort of fashion story that featured moms and
their kiddos being free and playful, a scene that’s sometimes difficult to capture on camera.

Coincidentally, our friends at Native Gorilla (Lakota-owned apparel company) were coming out with a new Summer line of kids clothing and wanted our help in promoting the launch. From there, we decided to have a fashion photo shoot at a beautiful park on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado and invited our friends and their kiddos to join us.

We had four beautiful families come out for the shoot: Tree and her two of three children Kayah and Bly; Emma and her baby (isn’t he the cutest!?); Lydia and her son Cyris; lastly, Sharon with her daughter Tehya (who knows how to pose with no help!). Every person, especially the kiddos, were excited to throw on some brand new swag for the shoot.

The weather was amazingly beautiful and warm, with the sun setting behind the breathtaking mountain view. The sun was a little bright, but that didn’t stop any of us from having a fun time.

Clothing provided by Native Gorilla. Photography by Kelly Holmes. Photo Editing by Tara Rose Weston.