Jeanine Clarkin Launches Limited Addition Blanket

The New Zealand fashion designer celebrates 30 years of her brand with a cozy new addition to her line.



Jeanine Clarkin, a prominent figure in Māori fashion in Aotearoa, established her own label more than 27 years ago, marking the beginning of a remarkable design journey characterized by both haute couture and slow fashion.

Driven by a steadfast commitment to Indigenous design, Jeanine has not only captivated New Zealand with her collections but has also left an indelible mark on the global fashion stage. Her design philosophy, rooted in the Wharenui, weaves together elements of Whare Tinana (body), Wairua (spirit), Mauri (life force), and Te Taiao (environment), creating a harmonious and balanced aesthetic. Her adept use of patterns from Tukutuku not only honors the rich tradition of Māori women’s fiber art but also propels it into the modern world.

Furthermore, Jeanine’s dedication to sustainable fashion permeates her work. Her collections stand out for their focus on repurposing vintage, fine woolen textiles, not only reflecting her commitment to sustainability but also serving as a means for her to explore the historical implications of colonization and the exchange of Māori lands for blankets.

Jeanine took to her Instagram to express her endearment towards the new launch.

“Although I began using Paraikete as one of my first products in 2004, I truly began to use 100% pure New Zealand blankets in the year 2000. The new millennium arrived and I was curious about where the future of Maoridom would take us as a people anywhere I would go as a designer. I looked to the past. Although it was not always a pleasant history, I had time to digest some of the disparities. Our connection as Maori to the environment is integral to our existence and identity. each woven thread that makes up the woolen blanket is like the history of my people. The struggles and losses we have endured wearing it are a constant reminder of what we have been through and what incredible resilience we have shown in surviving it all. I now repurpose these blankets that are now readily found in thrift shops and wardrobes of the elderly. I utilize these to create beautiful bespoke designs for the high street clientele and you.” – Jeanine Clarkin.

Jeanine Clarkin’s work is showcased alongside Noa Blanket Co and Mataaho Collective in the Paraikete Threads exhibition at Art Now New Zealand. The feature concludes next week on June 2nd, 2024.

The limited edition Paraikete is available for pre-order now. There will only be 184 blankets made and available for purchase. To learn more about the launch, visit Jeanine Clarkin’s website.

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