Moments to Remember 2023: “Twindigenous” Sisters Kaley & Kara Morrison

Native Max sat down with twin sisters Kayla and Kara Morrison, the voices behind “Twindigenous,” to discuss their journey and dedication to their craft.



In April, Native Max Magazine visited with the incredibly talented and skilled content creators and writers Kaley and Kara Morrison. These gifted sisters are best known for their captivating and hilarious show “Dula Stars: The Search for Mary Kate and Ashley” and their highly acclaimed podcast “Twindigenous.”

During our interview, the Morrison twins shared their unique insights on various aspects of their work, giving our readers a sneak peek into their creative process, the inspiration behind their show, and the passion that drives their careers.

The interview gave us an opportunity to delve deeper into the world of these fascinating artists and their journey of creating compelling Indigenous content. Kaley and Kara discuss their obstacles and triumphs when producing content that resonates with their listeners. It was inspiring to learn about their journey and unwavering commitment to creating content that captures the hearts of their audience.

If you want to know more about the Morrison twins and their creative endeavors, you can check out our “Expanding Indigenous Womanhood” issue, which is available in our shop. Both print and physical copies are available now.

Photography by Kristin Gentry.

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