Q&A with Chop Siouxy designer Christina Bernal

Stretch Crepe Floral Pants, Black Linen Top; Chop Siouxy



Chop Siouxy, a line of fun and flirty Cali-inspired clothing by Lakota designer Christina Bernal, has a youthful and classic style with an urban edge. We get to know the California designer and her inspirations.

NM: What is Chop Siouxy?
CB: Chop Siouxy is an eco-friendly line using over-stock fabric to create a unique line of separates and mini collections, all made in LA.

NM: What inspires your designs?
CB: I get my inspiration from my surroundings, music, and people on the streets. I mix vintage-inspired silhouettes with an urban laid back beach feel.

NM: What makes designing in California different from other parts of the country?
CB: Designing in California is unique in the sense that the weather is the same most of the year; we don’t get much of the season change so there’s no need for fur’s and long coats. We don’t cover up much! But LA is diverse and that’s what’s special about it! Women here put a look together like no place else.

Styling & photos by Christina Bernal
Makeup by Lizzy Polanco
Model: Renelle White Buffalo

This story was originally published in the Fall 2013 issue of Native Max Magazine.

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