‘Rutherford Falls’ Star Dustin Milligan to Executive Produce Documentary ‘Food for the Rest of Us’

Schitt’s Creek and Rutherford Falls star joins Hot Docs Food Film which includes an Inuit community in the Northwest Territories employing traditional harvesting methods to grow fresh produce in a community greenhouse.



Copper Quartz Media, a Northern-based, majority Inuit-owned and 100% women-operated film, television, and digital media company that specializes in remote locations and untold stories, announced today that Schitt’s Creek star Dustin Milligan has boarded the documentary feature Food for the Rest of Us as Executive Producer. The film, which had its world premiere at DOXA, will also launch at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema for an in-theatre screening on World Food Day on October 16, 2021, with a portion of the proceeds going to Foodshare Toronto. 

Milligan is best known for his performances in Rutherford Falls, Schitt’s Creek and RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race, but he is also a born and raised Yellowknifer which drew Director Caroline Cox and co-producer Tiffany Ayalik to this partnership. It was Dustin’s reverence for Indigenous knowledge and environmental sustainability that was the catalyst in bringing these creative forces together. 

Dustin Milligan. Photo by Angela Gzwoski

“Being born and raised in the North has been one of the greatest privileges of my life, in large part due to the teachings of reverence, respect, and connection to the land that so many Indigenous folks offered to settlers like me. The longer I have been away from home, the clearer it has become how crucial those teachings are to forging a sustainable future for the planet, and all the people on it. Food for The Rest of Us is a deeply moving and important film that not only reinforces these essential truths, but dives deep into the repercussions of colonialism’s attempted erasure of them. The film celebrates the inspirational, marginalized heroes who humbly fight for a better future for us all, day by day, seed by seed,” says Milligan. 

With Food For the Rest of Us, the audience meets inspiring young people across the continent leading a revolution to a better world through food. An Indigenous-owned, youth run organic farm in Hawaii, a Black urban grower in Kansas City, a female Kosher Butcher in Colorado working with the Queer Community, and an Inuit community in the Northwest Territories employing traditional harvesting methods to grow fresh produce in a community greenhouse. As climate change forces us to rethink our relationship to the land that feeds us — these food activists are using new ways of farming and living to fight back against oppressive systems and secure an alternative path to our culinary future.

Food for the Rest of Us was one of 10 Canadian projects selected for Telefilm Canada’s First Look USA and is a recipient of the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Fund. The film is gearing up for it’s in-theatre screening on World Food Day on October 16, 2021 at Hot Docs and is currently streaming nationwide exclusively for Hot Docs Members. Food for the Rest of Us also has upcoming screenings at the Yellowknife International Film Festival,  in November and recently signed worldwide educational distribution with Collective Eyes out of Portland. An international community screening and impact campaign with the film kicks off later this Fall.

Food for the Rest of Us is directed by Caroline Cox, produced by Tiffany Ayalik and Caroline Cox and is Executive Produced by Stuart Henderson (90th Parallel Productions) and Dustin Milligan.   

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