Style Profile: Timoteo Ikoshy Montoya

Timoteo Ikoshy Montoya (Lipan Apache) has always been a multi-faceted artist, well-known for airbrush for decades. Montoya has been designing t-shirts since the 80’s, either in classic old school tattoo style. “You still see a few of my old t-shirts, some hoodies every now and then” Montoya explained. “I’ve always loved that old school tattoo-flash artwork, so I started designing some but with a native twist,” Montoya says his work has been received well by his clientele.

Besides airbrushing and apparel design, Montoya is also a weaponsmith. He produced traditional weapons such as traditional knives, lances and war clubs for clients who need weapons to accompany their regalia. Working with metal jewelry is another medium that Montoya’s done since the early 80’s, often using sterling silver.

Like most artists these days, Montoya branched out in other mediums to keep his customers and clients interested. “They’ll always look forward to seeing a new or different piece that you have done.” Montoya’s recent line of leggings and t-shirts have been doing quite well, according to him. “I like the idea that they’re manufactured in southern California,” Montoya says of his designs, which will soon be available in different styles and items such as blankets, towels, hoodies, kimonos, scarves and more. “My goal is to get my website up and running enough, so I can spend more time at home in my studio creating new works of art.”

Shop Montoya’s designs at IKOSHY.COM


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