Fierce & Femme: Autumn White Eyes

Anishinaabe and Oglala Lakota jewelry maker Autumn White Eyes, a spoken word artist and multimedia storyteller, launched her online shop to create jewelry for people to feel empowered by their activism while expressing their style with bold and beautiful earrings and accessories.  Please introduce yourself.  My name is Autumn White Eyes and I’m from the […]

Jared Yazzie: Accomplished Artivist

“I want OXDX to become one of Indian Country’s hottest clothing lines. I would like to get to the level of the giants in the streetwear industry like designers Jeff Staple and Benny Gold.” Diné artivist and fashion designer Jared Yazzie answered when I asked him where he sees himself and OXDX in five years […]

Blackfeet Ledger Artist Joins Inspired Natives Project

SEATTLE, WA – Eighth Generation, the first Native-owned company to offer wool blankets, is honored to introduce John Isaiah Pepion (Blackfeet Nation) as the newest Inspired Natives Project collaborator! John will join 5 other artists in the project, through which Eighth Generation mentors artists as they transition from a gallery based business model to an entrepreneurship model. “While […]

Books That Celebrate Indigenous Culture: ‘Spoken Through Clay’

SPOKEN THROUGH CLAY By Eldon Yellowhorn & Kathy Lowinger Immerse yourself into the indigenous pottery world with Spoken Through Clay (Museum of New Mexico Press, $125). This book showcases nearly three hundred pottery vessels of iconic Native American artists from historic potters Nampeyo and Maria Martinez, to contemporary potters Tammy Garcia, Virgil Ortiz, and many […]

Indigenize Your Presents With Ledger Art Wrapping Paper by Native Artist Steven Paul Judd

Now you can “indigenize” your presents! Artist Steven Paul Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw), alongside other Oklahoma artists, created an exclusive wrapping paper design this holiday season. Judd’s wrapping paper design features vibrant ledger art with various holiday illustrations such as holly, teepees decorated with Christmas lights and a buffalo with Rudolph’s red nose. The artist’s wrapping paper comes in […]

Wyoming Exhibit Featuring Six Indigenous Artists Currently on Display

An exhibit featuring the work of six artists from the Northern Arapaho Artists Society and the Creative Indigenous Collective is currently on display at the Wyoming State Museum. The exhibit, We Were. We Are., features the works of Bruce Cook and Robert Martinez, from Riverton, Wyo.; Lauren Monroe, Ben Pease, and John I Pepion, from Montana; […]

To Do: Taboo by Virgil Ortiz at King Galleries

Taboo is the concept of the unacceptable or forbidden. It ranges from topics we avoid in polite conversation, to that which society prescribes as outside its current social, sexual, cultural or political mores. Many actions or even social groups, which were once considered “taboo”, are now part of the mainstream. When does that which is […]

Native Women in Photography: Skye Manikateri

The field for professional women photographers expanded substantially within the last century. Now, Native women are proving they are just as prolific and skillful as today’s top photographers across the world. We chat photographer Skye Manikateri (Hidatsa, Mandan, Assiniboine, and Crow) about how she got her start in photography and how she puts her own twist […]