Jared Yazzie: Accomplished Artivist

“I want OXDX to become one of Indian Country’s hottest clothing lines. I would like to get to the level of the giants in the streetwear industry like designers Jeff Staple and Benny Gold.” Diné artivist and fashion designer Jared Yazzie answered when I asked him where he sees himself and OXDX in five years […]

With Grace, Grace Dove

From a young child who dreamed of acting in Hollywood to performing alongside our era’s iconic actors, Grace Dove’s journey has been fulfilling thus far. We sit down with the First Nations actress where she shares with us her humble beginnings, what it was like to star in The Revenant and How It Ends, and […]

Fierce & Focused

Tisha and Kiera Thompson. A fierce and flawless mother-and-daughter beauty duo and a pair of entrepreneurs from the Akwesasne Mohawk tribe located in upstate New York, Ontario and Quebec. I first met matriarch Tisha during a search for like-minded creatives in the Philadelphia-area when she answered my casting call. Her joyful and exuberant personality was […]

A Day in the Beautiful Life: Bethany Yellowtail

She needs no introduction. You ask anyone in Indian Country whose designs they’d love to wear. “Bethany Yellowtail.” You ask anyone in Indian Country who they most admire. “Bethany Yellowtail.” You ask anyone who they follow the most on social media. “Bethany Yellowtail.” But it’s her story of bravery, resiliency, and love that draws interest […]

Eugene Brave Rock: Actor & Storyteller

To say the past several years have been life-changing for Eugene Brave Rock would be an understatement. It all started when he got the call that he would star in Wonder Woman as “The Chief,” an active participant and contributor to the heroine’s journey to save the world. He played a considerable part in the […]

Bethany Yellowtail’s March 2018 Cover Shoot

Upon confirming with #NativeFashion Queen herself, Bethany Yellowtail, our team booked a trip to head to Los Angeles for the cover shoot. After roaming around downtown L.A. for a bit, we stopped into Bethany’s swanky white-walled yet vibrant studio. Her walls lined with Native-designed wall art prints while Native jewelry and accessories dotted her tables. […]

Eugene Brave Rock’s February 2018 Cover Shoot

It’s indeed been awhile since we put together our photoshoot for the cover of an issue. Usually, we ask our cover person to submit photos that’d be great enough to grace the cover, including the photographer’s consent and credit. Coordinating and executing a photoshoot for the cover is a tough task. Once we select our […]

Autumn Rose Williams: Of Humility & Heritage

The last time I chatted with this year’s reigning Miss Native American USA Autumn Rose Miskweminanocsqua (Raspberry Star Woman) Williams (Shinnecock), it was a few months ago when she won the pageant. Since then she’s been on an adventure of a lifetime, from making appearances at conferences and events to walking at powwows and visiting […]

Uncovered: Behind the Cover of the California Issue

The July/August issue of Native Max was the CALIFORNIA issue, and although we had an idea of who we wanted on the cover, we were still undecided. In a way, we wanted a young girl or guy who would be able to represent the whole indigenous community of California; someone who could stand for higher […]