IndigiPopX 2024 Recap

Here are the highlights from this past weekend’s Indigenous Pop Culture Expo held in Oklahoma City.

Explore Indian Country: North Dakota

Explore Native North Dakota and step back into history this summer by traveling the trails, visiting centuries-old villages and celebrate at a powwow with the help of our travel guide. SEE WHERE THE BUFFALO ONCE THUNDERED THE PRAIRIES At the center of the Northern Plains in the Dakotas are a rugged section of badlands, buttes […]

A Guide to Packing Lightly & Breezing Thru The Airport

Traveling by airplane can seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t travel all the time. You have to remember to pack only what you need (and none of the ‘just in case’ clothes or accessories) while making sure whatever you pack is compliant with the TSA rules. We chat with Tanaya Winder (Duckwater Shoshone, Southern Ute, […]

Explore Indian Country: Monument Valley

Since the 1930’s Monument Valley has appeared in hundreds of movies, tv shows, video games, music videos, and even album covers across all genres. Some may say that Monument Valley is a part of pop culture. However, Monument Valley is a beautiful place full of history and purpose to many tribes around the area, including […]

Explore Indian Country: 5 Things to do in California this Summer

California’s Native communities share a rich, vibrant history, unlike any other state. Scheduling a visit to one of these Native destinations is a great way to experience new adventures and share your stories. Here is our list of things to check out in California this month for all things Native! 37th Annual Big Time Festival […]