The Latest Nike N7 Collection Just Dropped

The new collection features Indigenous designed sneakers, leggings, and more.
Nike N7



“This latest Nike N7 collection adds new designs and emotional resonance to what has come before, unapologetically celebrating Indigenous traditions while looking to the future. Celebrating Indigenous cultures across North America, the N7 Collection focuses on the future while staying rooted in the past, embracing heritage prints and motifs while incorporating them into modern aesthetics. Centering Indigenous Youth, the N7 Collection is designed to reinforce ownership over the rebellion, self-expression, and, most importantly, the self-empowerment they demand—and deserve.” -Nike N7.

Lauren Thomas is a 3D Footwear designer for Jordan Brand and has recently taken on the role of design director for N7. She proudly represents her cultural heritage from Lennox Island Mi’kmaq First Nation at Nike. Lauren is dedicated to empowering Indigenous design within Nike and beyond. As the design lead on Nike’s Native American Network leadership team, she actively contributes to initiatives aimed at increasing Indigenous representation. Lauren has been instrumental in developing an internship program with The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) to support the growth of Indigenous talent within the design sphere at Nike. In addition to her corporate work, she shares her passion for design by organizing a summer design program on her reservation in Prince Edward Island (Epekwitk), Canada.

To view the entire collection and learn more, visit the Nike N7 page.

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