This Week in ‘Press Play’: Nataanii Means & Witko, Tall Paul, & More

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Welcome to the first week of September. Here’s a look at the music you need to listen to now.

Courtesy of Artist

Frank Waln – “Treaties”

Hip-hop artist Frank Waln (Sicangu Lakota) debuted his latest single “Treaties” on the website Revolutions Per Minute on February 8, 2017. “Treaties” serves as sort of a soundtrack that highlights the struggles indigenous people face today in regards to treaty rights being violated. The track featured Leonard Cohen, Suzan Shown Harjo, Faith Spotted Eagle, and Kevin Gover. Listen to the song exclusively here:

Photo: Tara Rose Weston

Darren Thompson – “Bibigwe – The Flute Player”

Flutist Darren Thompson (Lac Du Flambeau Ojibwe) is gearing up to release his next album “Bibigwe – The Flute Player”. The inspiration behind the new album is both historical Native music and expanding it into a contemporary sound. “I wanted to give people an experience of what historical music sounds like.” “Bibigwe – The Flute Player” is produced by Drumhop Productions and debuted at the Gathering of Nations Powwow earlier this year in April.

Photo: courtesy of artist

Nataanii Means & Witko – “God Bless Amerikkka”

Hip-hop artists Nataanii Means (Lakota/Navajo) and Witko (Lakota) released the track “God Bless Amerikkka” to the world while they were at Standing Rock protecting the water.  You can listen to the track here:

Photo: courtesy of artist

Tall Paul – “No Questions”

Artist Tall Paul (Anishinaabe/Oneida) debuted his newest song “No Questions” via music video. The music video was released on his Facebook page. Tall Paul flexes lyricism and storytelling prowess in his new music video, which addresses police brutality. His track is available on iTunes.

Photo: courtesy of artist

Brandis “B” Knudsen – “Come And Get Your Love”

Of course we added a fave song from the talented artist who appeared on our September 2017 issue’s cover: Brandis “B” Knudsen. He did an amazing job of mixing some modern rhymes with the oldie (but goodie) classic track “Come And Get Your Love” by Redbone. Listen to the song here.

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