Virgil Ortiz Releases New Book

The world-renowned artist and most innovative potter of his time releases 'Virgil Ortiz: REVOLUTION'.



World-renowned artist and one of the most innovative potters of his time, Virgil Ortiz (Cochiti Pueblo) collaborated on a newly released book, Virgil Ortiz: REVOLUTION.

Virgil Ortiz: REVOLUTION, a mid-career monograph retrospective that presents a view into Ortiz’s transformative pottery and art to illuminate his creative and artistic manifestations. With a vision that merges apocalyptic themes, sci-fi, and storytelling, Ortiz’s ingenuity as a contemporary artist, provocateur, activist, futurist, and preservationist extends to his creativity adapted from traditional Cochiti pottery designs from one art form to the next.

This book features more than 200 stunning works of art selected by Ortiz, leaving his imprint on each page; 236 pages, 55 color plates, 200 color, and black-and-white photographs.

The highlights of the book:  

Each book is signed by Virgil.
 Includes one complimentary, limited edition 8” x 10” premium print of your choice; signed, numbered, and embossed with Ortiz’s own Turkey Track insignia.
 Please note prints are a numbered series up to 30/30. Once each print reaches 30/30, it will be replaced with a new design from the book.

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