Aaniin Retail Inc. Stands Out in the Indigenous Streetwear World

Toronto’s first 100% Indigenous-owned department store is turning heads and making headlines.



Meet Chelsee Pettit (Anishinaabe). She’s a trailblazing entrepreneur and member of Aamjiwnaang First Nations. Chelsee founded Aaniin Retail Inc., a vibrant streetwear brand that has taken the Indigenous community and beyond by storm since its launch in June of 2021. Her innovative approach to fashion has gained her a loyal following of allies who love her unique designs and commitment to Indigenous culture.

Aaniin (meaning “Hello/I see your light”) Retail Inc. promotes Indigenous designers, creators, and artists by displaying over 25 Indigenous brands and businesses alongside their own apparel line. Aaniin works directly with Rezonance Printing, an Anishinaabe-owned screen printing business located in London, ON. The printing company uses eco-friendly inks, and together, they work on small bulk orders to ensure as little waste as possible.

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Aaniin highly values community, collaboration, and connections. The company’s mission is to reclaim and share space with individuals who are forging new paths in their respective industries, mediums, and art forms. Aaniin is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Indigenous artists, writers, musicians, content creators, and many other Indigenous talents. By doing so, they hope to create a platform for these individuals to showcase their skills and talents while promoting cultural diversity and awareness.

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Most importantly, they want your support. No matter your culture, background, or status. The more individuals rock Aaniin’s style and support their mission, the more education they can provide. Aaniin strives to break down the misconception that Indigenous designs and Indigenous-made clothing can only be worn by Indigenous people. Aaniin and other small Indigenous businesses need everyone’s support to thrive in today’s market.

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Link to shop: https://www.aaniin.shop/en-us

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