Big, Bold & Boujee: Copper Canoe Woman Dropping Most Gorgeous Collection Yet

Set your alarms! Copper Canoe Woman is dropping their biggest, boldest and boujee-est collection!



Get ready to turn heads with Copper Canoe Woman’s biggest and most extravagant earrings to date!

With stunning abalone inlay and plush ermine fur, the ‘Aunty Copper’ earrings are the epitome of luxury and status. These are adornment art pieces that are unique and limited: the jewelry and accessory brand is only releasing ten of these earrings in red mirror, silver mirror, and ivory, with options for custom color.

These were inspired by glamour and cosmology. The flowers are wild roses that are native to the Pacific Northwest, also known as “Nootka roses.”

The copper shields depict ancestral stories of beings bringing treasures down to the people from the heavens. Copper shields represent ancestors and wealth in our culture. The cross-hatch etching is a motif used in Northwest Coast Formline Art.

These were made with the utmost statement in mind. Copper Canoe Woman founder Vina Brown called them ‘Aunty Copper’ to relate them to the boujee trendsetters in our communities: the not-so-shy aunties and the Matriarchs who wear their culture and status with pride.

They drop Friday, January 12th at 5 pm PST only on

Cover image: Fogline Photos/Jade Anderson

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