Cheekbone Beauty Cancels Cake Face for 2022

The beauty brand is promoting sustainability and natural beauty for 2022.



Cheekbone Beauty certainly caught attention today with a post that not only made a statement but also made us hungry for cake!

Earlier today, the beauty line sent out a newsletter and posted a video of a model digging her fingers into a cake and spreading the icing all over her face (oddly satisfying!) before wiping it off with a makeup wipe and applying Cheekbone eyeliner and lipgloss.

According to Cheekbone Beauty, this is a part of its newest campaign promoting sustainability and natural beauty.

Letting our skin breathe and our true colours shine. This month, we’re celebrating renewal (and you)! We’re spending time thinking about what makes us one-of-a-kind, peeling back our layers, and bringing out our love of colour more than ever before. For the year ahead, think about how you can craft a healthier you and planet while letting your inner beauty shine. 

Cheekbone Beauty wants to see how you’re refreshing your beauty routine on socials with #CancelTheCake.

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