Diné Weavers Collaborate on a Collection for New York Fashion Week



Diné weavers Naiomi Glasses and Tahnibaa Naataanii collaborated with Latinx fashion designer Gabriela Hearst, creative director of her namesake brand and Chloe, on her Spring Summer 2022 collection which debuted at New York Fashion Week.

According to Naiomi, a futureship with the program Creative Futures Collective led her to be paired with Gabriela’s brand where shortly after she learned the designer had plans to work with fellow Diné weaver Tahnibaa. Naiomi’s role was to help logistically as a Diné weaver was to help the designer understand what could and couldn’t be done. “I was able to design the layout of how Tahnibaa wove these pieces,” she says. “When designing, I made sure to make them easier to weave which is why I played with lots of lines and colors based on a swatch the GH team liked.”

Another highlight to mention about Gabriela’s fashion show at New York Fashion Week: Hän Gwich’in and Sicangu/Oglala Lakota model Quannah Chasinghorse was one of the models.

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