Explore Indian Country: Monument Valley

Photo by Kelly Bedoni



Since the 1930’s Monument Valley has appeared in hundreds of movies, tv shows, video games, music videos, and even album covers across all genres. Some may say that Monument Valley is a part of pop culture.

However, Monument Valley is a beautiful place full of history and purpose to many tribes around the area, including the Navajo people.

Straddled between the Utah and Arizona border on the Navajo Nation, Monument Valley is a vast valley of canyons, buttes and iconic rock formations such as The Mittens, Three Sisters, and Totem Pole, among others.

There are signs of ancient habitation in the valleys and box canyons all around the area, with petroglyphs, pictographs and Anasazi dwellings dotting the valley. Spend some time in Monument Valley and you’ll feel like time has rewind back thousands of years.

Photo by Kelly Bedoni
Photo by Kelly Bedoni

Monument Valley is unlike any other wonder in the world. It wears hundreds if not thousands of years in its surface. Petroglyphs and pictographs etched into its surface by its earliest inhabitants. Monument Valley even served as a shield for Navajos who escaped the notorious “Long Walk”.

Although you can pay admission into Monument Valley and cruise around by yourself, we suggest sticking with a tour guide to maximize your experience and adventure, like Monument Valley Tours. Not only will you be driven around in a Jeep, you’ll also explore the gigantic red buttes that were once home to ancient families and hear of firsthand experiences of the Navajo culture and customs.

Monument Valley is truly a land of wonder, so when you explore Indian Country this summer, we hope you’ll explore Monument Valley also!

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Photo by Kelly Bedoni
3 Sisters Rock | Photo by Kelly Bedoni