ICYMI: Two-Spirit Couple recreates Out Magazine Cover

Two-spirit couple Sean Snyder and Adrian Stevens are featured in the latest issue of Out Magazine.
Sean Snyder and Adrian Stevens for Out Magazine
Original cover on left, new cover on right



Sean Snyder (Navajo and Southern Ute) and Adrian Stevens (Northern Ute, Shoshone-Bannock, San Carlos Apache) appeared in a collection of photos recreating some iconic Out Magazine covers for the publication’s 30-year anniversary. For those who don’t know, Out is an LGBTQ+ magazine that covers entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion. The two-spirit couple has truly done it all, dipping into acting, modeling, and designing, and have garnered quite the reputation for their dancing in various powwow circuits.

Sean Snyder and Adrian Stevens for Out Magazine
Alternate image w/ Snyder on left, Stevens on right

The couple looked stunning, wrapped in each other’s arms and styled in some beadwork in some additional photos. Snyder is seen wearing a Shannon Stokes Studio sweater and Greg Lauren shirt, and Stevens wears a J.Lindbergh jacket with a GMBH shirt. This is not the first time the two-spirit couple has appeared in the publication either, as they were previously listed in Out’s 2021 Performers of the Year.

Sean Snyder and Adrian Stevens for Out Magazine
New cover w/ Snyder on right, Stevens on left

Both Snyder and Stevens previously made headlines when they spoke out about their experience of not being allowed to participate in “Sweetheart Specials” at several powwows. They’ve since gone on to become advocates for the two-spirit community and even made a short film about their work to dismantle the discrimination still seen in some Powwows today. In the article, Synder spoke on how they hope to see marriage equality become a reality for them and other two-spirit people.

The couple’s article was featured in the July/August 2022 issue and can be purchased directly from Out with a subscription or on Amazon.