T H R O N E’s Upcoming Album “Tempest” Drops July 5th

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Photographer: @pholexx Alexxus ‘Pholexx’ Browning



Summer is officially in full swing, and we need a new album to set the vibes right.

Native Max sat down with YVHIKV (Mvskoke) from T H R O N E, aka somerapcouple, to learn all about their new album, “Tempest,” which is dropping this Friday.

Photographer: @pholexx Alexxus ‘Pholexx’ Browning

NMM: In your own words, what is this new album, “Tempest?”

YVHIKV: This album is a bridge between where we came from and where we are going, our inspiration from OG, underground, abstract, and niche hip-hop to a more singular artist who has their own personal style.

NMM: What is the theme or message?

YVHIKV: This album, “Tempest,” is kind of a herald of all the art we have to give to the world. It’s the first in a pseudo-trilogy of underground records. This one is primarily a record of my man H’s journey as an artist and a person. The next album in the trilogy is mine, and the third is our perspective intertwined.

NMM: What was the inspiration behind it?

YVHIKV: We love the underground, hip-hop, neo-soul, and the indie scene. We love vibes, and we love taking risks. We love making complex art that you can also put on a playlist. The release that comes with being vulnerable, and we love finding ourselves in music.

NMM: Which is your favorite upcoming song?

YVHIKV: Mine is definitely the first song, “Warpath,” because it’s us as individuals doing so well, but together, our voices create this absolutely singular experience that is just us as a duo; we’re both in our own bag supporting each other.

His favorite is “Casting Rifles.” We both really nailed the punk/punk rap vibe we had been looking for, and it’s just a really badass and fun song.

NMM: What do you think fans will be most excited about?

YVHIKV: I think the degree of polish and replayability on this project is going to be super cool to experience, as well as the direction in which we took this sound and how we’ve matured in our realm. This is the type of record you can bump, vibe to, and playlist a few songs, but it also will grow on you as you notice more lyrics and little production moments over time.

Photographer: @pholexx Alexxus ‘Pholexx’ Browning

Thank you so much to YVHIKV for this exclusive interview. Stay up to date with T H R O N E on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify.

Photographer: @pholexx Alexxus ‘Pholexx’ Browning