5 Minutes with Hoop Dancer Marika Sila

Hoop dancing has taken Inuvialuit actress, fire performer, yoga teacher and self-professed “hoop ninja” Marika Sila across the world, such as Greece, Rome, Venice, and Budapest. She performed for audiences of all sizes, from small youth workshops to enormous festivals overseas. By the looks of her videos she posts of herself performing on Instagram (she […]

What Cinco de Mayo is and How to Celebrate it Respectfully

As indigenous people of the USA, we understand cultural appropriation all too well. With Cinco de Mayo creeping up, we want to teach our readers who don’t know about Cinco de Mayo and how to respectfully celebrate the holiday. In an attempt to do this, we did a little investigating and learning. There are a […]

What Native Hope Looks Like

Our Native American culture is a living, breathing entity. It is a tapestry of tradition and values passed on from generation to generation. Today, many of us are aware of the challenges facing Indian Country and the struggle to join together in unity and preserve our vibrant culture and history. As Natives, we often discuss […]

Fashion Story: Working with Fur, According to Christy Ruby

For Christy Ruby, her work with fur takes her back to her ancestral roots. “The fur has a familiar sensation that means life or death to my people, and its value has not changed for thousands of years.” Ruby introduces herself as an Alaskan Native Tlingit Eagle from the Keet Gooshi Hit House, Killer Whale […]

Autumn Rose Williams: Of Humility & Heritage

The last time I chatted with this year’s reigning Miss Native American USA Autumn Rose Miskweminanocsqua (Raspberry Star Woman) Williams (Shinnecock), it was a few months ago when she won the pageant. Since then she’s been on an adventure of a lifetime, from making appearances at conferences and events to walking at powwows and visiting […]