The Moment: Fierce Heart Earrings by House of Howes

Anishinaabe artist Sarah Agaton Howes is an Inspired Native collaborator who is all about thriving – not simply surviving. This is a value that shines through in her art, including these highly unique and contemporary The Fierce Heart earrings. This contemporary rendering of the strawberry by Sarah was developed from a pencil drawing to a finalized product. In Ojibwemowin (the Ojibwe language), the strawberry is called Odemin or “Heart Berry”. The design was inspired by an inside of a strawberry – revealed when the berry is sliced in half – and the idea that having a fierce heart beating on the inside is a more significant key to happiness than even the most beautiful exterior. The Odemin is Sarah’s signature motif, and it appears frequently in her handmade regalia and moccasins.

Pick #1:  The Fierce Heart-Mixed Media Earring in Fierce Heart Red, $32,


Pick #2:  The Fierce Heart-Mixed Media Earring in Red on Turquoise, $32,

Courtesy /
Courtesy /

Pick #3:  The Fierce Heart-Mixed Media Earring in Fierce Heart Turquoise, $32,


Pick #4:  The Fierce Heart-Mixed Media Earring in Purple, $32,

Courtesy /
Courtesy /


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