The Moment: Fierce Heart Earrings by House of Howes

House of Howes’ newest ear candy, the “Fierce Heart” collection, are our earrings of the moment.


Anishinaabe artist Sarah Agaton Howes is an Inspired Native collaborator who is all about thriving – not simply surviving. This is a value that shines through in her art, including these highly unique and contemporary The Fierce Heart earrings. This contemporary rendering of the strawberry by Sarah was developed from a pencil drawing to a finalized product. In Ojibwemowin (the Ojibwe language), the strawberry is called Odemin or “Heart Berry”. The design was inspired by an inside of a strawberry – revealed when the berry is sliced in half – and the idea that having a fierce heart beating on the inside is a more significant key to happiness than even the most beautiful exterior. The Odemin is Sarah’s signature motif, and it appears frequently in her handmade regalia and moccasins.

Pick #1:  The Fierce Heart-Mixed Media Earring in Fierce Heart Red, $32,


Pick #2:  The Fierce Heart-Mixed Media Earring in Red on Turquoise, $32,

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Courtesy /

Pick #3:  The Fierce Heart-Mixed Media Earring in Fierce Heart Turquoise, $32,


Pick #4:  The Fierce Heart-Mixed Media Earring in Purple, $32,

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