Your Native Fashion News Updates of the Week – 1/14

Sky Eagle Collection, Decolonial Clothing and EMME Studios release new collections and pieces for the new year.



Here are your Native Fashion News Updates for this week:

Sky-Eagle Collection Releases New Pieces, Announces New Spring Collection


Sky Eagle Collection announces new spring line will be dropping soon. The new collection will have scarves, trenchcoats, ribbon skirts, and more in bold and bright colors.

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Decolonial Clothing Drops Gold Eagle Collection 

For the new year, Decolonial Clothing dropped a new collection featuring hoodies, tees, sweatpants, beanies, and totes in gold and black combos. As Decolonial Clothing says, Come equipped in that gold drip!


New Year Means New Masks & Bags for EMME Studios 

EMME Studios releases new 100% wool masks and bags made with Pendleton material. These are especially perfect for the chilly weather. 

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