The Moment: Fierce Heart Earrings by House of Howes

Anishinaabe artist Sarah Agaton Howes is an Inspired Native collaborator who is all about thriving – not simply surviving. This is a value that shines through in her art, including these highly unique and contemporary The Fierce Heart earrings. This contemporary rendering of the strawberry by Sarah was developed from a pencil drawing to a […]

Going Graphic with Native Gorilla [GALLERY]

For the Mother’s Issue, we wanted to do a sort of fashion story that featured moms and their kiddos being free and playful, a scene that’s sometimes difficult to capture on camera. Coincidentally, our friends at Native Gorilla (Lakota-owned apparel company) were coming out with a new Summer line of kids clothing and wanted our […]

Fierce & Focused

Tisha and Kiera Thompson. A fierce and flawless mother-and-daughter beauty duo and a pair of entrepreneurs from the Akwesasne Mohawk tribe located in upstate New York, Ontario and Quebec. I first met matriarch Tisha during a search for like-minded creatives in the Philadelphia-area when she answered my casting call. Her joyful and exuberant personality was […]

Poetic Soul: Tanaya Winder

For as long as I could remember, poetry was one of my creative outlets. As a native youth, I was able to put my feelings, dreams, and struggles into poetic form inside my beat-up notebook. While I didn’t pursue poetry professionally, I can say that I write for a living. Fast forward about a decade. […]

Love for Business & Family

Founded last year by Lawrence “L-Jay” Pearman and his family on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota, 6Hundred5 Below Ice Cream Rolls proves to be a trailblazer and benefactor for good health. Pearman and his wife Jonni were both raised on and are tribal members of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in central […]

A Day in the Beautiful Life: Bethany Yellowtail

She needs no introduction. You ask anyone in Indian Country whose designs they’d love to wear. “Bethany Yellowtail.” You ask anyone in Indian Country who they most admire. “Bethany Yellowtail.” You ask anyone who they follow the most on social media. “Bethany Yellowtail.” But it’s her story of bravery, resiliency, and love that draws interest […]

Cute Gifts to Get a Mom-to-Be

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to help moms-to-be celebrate their baby! If you know a new mom or a mom-to-be and are looking for the perfect gifts, let us show you! For this year’s Mother’s Day, peruse our selections of Native-made, baby gifts any mama will love. Sweetest Kulu book Sweetest Kulu is an […]

What Cinco de Mayo is and How to Celebrate it Respectfully

As indigenous people of the USA, we understand cultural appropriation all too well. With Cinco de Mayo creeping up, we want to teach our readers who don’t know about Cinco de Mayo and how to respectfully celebrate the holiday. In an attempt to do this, we did a little investigating and learning. There are a […]