Cheekbone Beauty Launches New Beauty Product: SUSTAIN Complexion Pencils



As Cheekbone Beauty said, put your best face forward. Two days ago, Cheekbone Beauty launched their first-ever SUSTAIN Complexion Pencils, which is their first entrance into the world of complexion products.

The SUSTAIN Complexion Pencil collection consists of nine beautiful shades to start. As the same with all Cheekbone’s products, they’re vegan, sustainably sourced, biodegradable, and contain safe raw ingredients that empower people and the planet, which means they’re safe for sensitive skin. It also includes a professional-grade pencil sharpener to keep the pencil tips precise.  

The colors include:
Fair 1 – fair, porcelain with cool and pink undertone
Fair 2 – fair, with ivory and neutral undertone
Fair 3 – fair, warm ivory with orange undertone
Medium 4 – medium, light tan with cool sand beige undertone
Medium 5 – medium, light tan with neutral undertone
Medium 6 – medium, tan with warm gold undertone
Deep 7 – deep tan, with cool almond undertone
Deep 8 – deep tan, with neutral chestnut undertone
Deep 9 – deep tan, bronze with warm undertone


According to Cheekbone, these complexion pencils are perfect for the “no-makeup makeup look”. These pencils are a lightweight shade-correcting pigment designed to correct your skin and smooth over blemishes, flawlessly blending to your desired shade and coverage without compromising your natural skin tone. While it’s not quite a foundation or concealer, it’s perfect enough to replace both.

Not to mention each purchase helps Cheekbone Beauty give back to Indigenous education.