Creative Nations Collective To Host First of It’s Kind MMIWG+ Exhibit ‘Sing Our Rivers Red’ in Colorado



Boulder, CO – April 29, 2021 – Creative Nations, in collaboration with the Dairy Arts Center and Boedecker Foundation will host Sing Our Rivers Red, a series of carefully curated exhibitions that aims to bring awareness to the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit, and LGBTQQIA individuals (MMIWG+), and colonial gender-based violence in the United States and Canada.

Works of art by Dine artist Crystal Dugi who is participating in the MMIWG+ Art Exhibit.

The focus of programming for the month of May is MMIWG+. Founding members of Creative Nations decided the intent of this focus is to not only raise awareness about the MMIWG+ epidemic that plagues our Nations but to also promote action against it. “We feature Native artists who create works of art while raising awareness and taking action against this epidemic” states the founding members.

The exhibition programming features Indigenous artists from all over the country, working across all mediums, levels of experience, and age groups. The Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado will host the exhibition from May to July 2021.

The series begins in the McMahon Gallery with the Sing Our Rivers Red earring collection. The earring exhibit has traveled throughout the country to raise consciousness, unite ideas, and demand action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit, and LGBTQQIA people. The Sing Our Rivers Red earring collection was co-founded by artist, activist, and poet Tanaya Winder after attending an event about human trafficking. “I thought about what happens when we lose one, how we hold onto it, hoping we’ll find the other side,” Tanaya reflects. “And I knew I wanted to create an exhibit out of earrings. The two exhibits we created traveled across Turtle Island; it’s such a powerful exhibit.”

Creative Nations founding member Danielle SeeWalker (Hunkpapa Lakota) pictured with the Sing Our Rivers Red Earring Exhibit she’s curating.

The second exhibit is the MMIWG+ Art Exhibit. This exhibit features works of art by Native artists of different nations, all promoting MMIWG+ awareness. Not only do these artists raise awareness for MMIWG+ with their works, but they’re also continually taking action and contributing to causes combatting this epidemic firsthand.

The third exhibit is Native Fashion Taking Action, which presents the works of world-renowned Native American fashion designer, activist, and ‘Project Runway’ alum Patricia Michaels. Michaels is taking action against the MMIWG+ epidemic with her works of art and fashion. Displayed in a unique, dynamic exhibit, Patricia’s collection is cutting-edge–not only do the couture pieces showcase Patricia’s creativity and innovation, but they were specially created to bring attention to the MMIWG+ epidemic plaguing Native communities. As a survivor and leader in raising awareness and taking action against MMIWG+, Patricia is happy and excited to partake in this first-of-its-kind fashion exhibit. The Native Fashion Taking Action exhibit will be displayed in the lobby of the Dairy Arts Center, with a special video promoting the collection playing in the McMahon Gallery.

The fourth exhibit is a mural by Creative Nations’ founding member and artist JayCee Beyale, which is inspired by the MMIWG+ Movement. JayCee’s mural will be on display at the Polly Addison Gallery.

The Sing Our Rivers Red Exhibit will be open to the public starting Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Due to capacity restrictions, registration is required to attend.

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