Things to Say to a Mom That Feels Like She’s Not Enough




Motherhood is tough, which makes a lot of mamas think, “I’m not doing enough” or “I’m not a good mother”. Don’t think you’re the only one who doubts herself. If this has gone through your mind, how did you change that mindset?
We all struggle with insecurities, especially when it comes to motherhood. I’ve had my bouts of self-judgment. In hindsight, I’ve found that my most critical moments are when I’ve compared myself or allowed someone else to compare me to others. As I said earlier, there is no “mom handbook.” This means there is no right way or wrong way to raise a child. Moms of large families will say that even children in the same family have different needs. We learn to give our children what they need through trial and error. I know I did. My girls were so different in personality that the same approach did not always work for both. We just figured it out as time went on.
I genuinely believe those biggest obstacles we put in front of ourselves is when we measure ourselves, our children, our families against others. It’s also equally damaging when we judge another.