Welcome to the Fashion 2022 Issue featuring Seriously Stylish Serial Entrepreneur Ruth-Ann Thorn on the Cover

Announcing the annual Fashion Issue featuring entrepreneur Ruth-Ann Thorn, a recap of this year's Indigenous Fashion Show from the front-row, and more.

Welcome to the annual Fashion Issue, featuring stylish and fashionable serial entrepreneur Ruth-Ann Thorn on the cover.

This year was a significant milestone for SWAIA. The Indigenous Fashion Show at this year’s SWAIA Centennial featured renowned fashion designers Orlando Dugi, Patricia Michaels, Sho Sho Esquiro, Skawennati, Catherine Blackburn with Melanie Leblanc, Lauren Good Day, and Jamie Okuma. This year’s presentation showcased artful storytelling, familial influence, and intricate design. As we recap our takeaways from this year’s Indigenous Fashion Show, check out a glance inside the showcase in our issue.

Featuring Seminole and Mvskoke artist Charley Johnson, whose skillful array of creations include earrings, cuffs, and gorgets.

Couture designer Sage Mountainflower explained to us her latest exquisite collection, which debuted at the New Native Fashion Empower Runway Show last month in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Also, meet Tasha Carpenter, the owner of Green Tribe, who is going green while providing high fashion items made of hemp, all while growing a new economic way of life on the Crow Reservation.

Native Max spoke with Indigenous activist Shayla Stonechild on the many accomplishments across her career and on becoming an ambassador for the clothing brand lululemon.

Cheyenne sisters Madison and Jordan Craig talk about their journey to this point, the meaning behind their brand, and their astounding success on Kickstarter.

Lastly, Ruth-Ann is sat down with Native Max to discuss her latest business ventures as well as her extensive experience in the fine art world that spans over three decades.

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